Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe for Kids?

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It has not been that long since your child was born and it is already time for them to go to kindergarten. And, of course, there are a number of things that you need to prepare for including the water bottles. With the ongoing ruckus of plastic and health concerns, choosing the right water bottles that are safe for your kids is not an easier task at all. As parents, there is no way you can risk their safety. So, it is a must to check the facts about plastic before getting them into your hands. And going for another alternative like glass bottles is a no go for kids. Do not panic, before switching to other alternatives let us find out the truth behind plastic bottles.

Do plastic water bottles pose a threat to kids’ health?

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For many years, people are in fear of plastic bottles to the extent that the media made it worse. You may have seen talk shows and countless articles that claim plastic cause cancer. To be exact, according to these unknown sources, tiny particles dissolved in plastic will cause cancer and other massive health concerns due to certain chemicals like dioxins which are dissolved in them. However, plastic water bottles do not contain dioxin at all. Well, if that has even the slightest bit of truth, there is no way that plastic can acquire FDA-approved certifications in many countries. Remember that there is no actual evidence and research to support these claims. So, even if you did believe that plastic water bottles are not safe, now you know the truth.

Just like you would any other alternative, there is no possible harm from drinking plastic bottles. However, be wary of bacteria and fungi when using water bottles. Well, this could happen only if you left the bottles in isolation for quite a long time. Otherwise, there is not even the slightest worry about using plastic water bottles at all. Well, far not there is a way to deal with them. Once you clean the plastic bottles thoroughly, you are all good to go. So, do not hesitate to fill the water into plastic bottles, and give them straight to the kids as there are safe to use.

Things to consider before purchasing plastic bottles for kids

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1. The correct size

Unlike adults, your little ones require special attention when choosing plastic water bottles to keep them safe with care. That’s why you have to choose the correct size of lightweight bottles that won’t weigh your kids at all. If you choose a heavy bottle, those tiny little hands won’t be able to hold onto the bottle for much longer with their tiny little hands. Thus, consider the weight the next time, you are out shopping for water bottles for kids.

2. BPA-free

With a few clicks, you can see all the inside-out details about BPA (bisphenol A). Well, this is a chemical compound that is quite common in plastic manufacturing. However, it is a vital consideration to avoid this compound as it is associated with a number of harmful consequences. Thus, water bottles with BPA are a big no for your little ones. As parents, keep in mind that you have to check the BPA-free label prior to purchasing the water bottle.

3. Design and colors

Most of the time, parents pay attention to the purpose and the features of the bottle but disregard the design and colors of them. Remember that even if you would not mind any of that, do not think that your little ones would do the same. They would love to have their bottles with vivid colors and designs. Well, because of this, your child may lessen the times of consuming water which won’t do any good and make them dehydrated.

4. Durability & leakproof

Your kids do not a thing about their water bottles and it is in the hands of the parents to choose their belongings. While you are on it, do not forget to check the durability and get a leak-proof bottle into your possession. As you may already know, they can be rough when dealing with their belonging. Unless the bottle is strong enough, it may crack and spill water everywhere. This is why materials like glass are not safe for the child’s water bottles.

Surely, as parents, you won’t choose any products unless they are good for your children. And, for their sake, it is a must to see in-depth of everything. This is why you have to consider a lot before buying plastic water bottles for them. Now, you know that there’s no evidence to support the claim that plastic water bottles are not good. Now, you may be considering where to get the best plastic bottles for your children and we know just where to get them.

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