How To Choose Alternatives For Wholesale Glass Jars?

Wholesale Glass Jars

Many industries purchase wholesale glass jars containers because of the cost-efficiency and added benefits. Glass is versatile for containers, candle jars, decorative items, and more

Glass is a daily necessity, and buying in bulk can help you run with efficient production and enable you to provide better customer service at a lower cost per shipment. But many companies do not have the capacity to handle the influx of high-quality finished glass that their clients require. That is why some businesses are looking for alternatives to glass jars that can give the same benefits.

An excellent glass product will ensure the safety and security of your product, enhance consumer experience and move you up the ranks within your market. Having a stellar reputation means more opportunities to expand your business, so it’s crucial that you keep on top of new trends in packaging containers. That is why choosing the right alternative for glass jars is highly crucial.

Consider these points before buying an alternative for wholesale glass jars for your business.

See If It Is Money Saving

The main reason to find an alternative to glass jars is to save money spent. If you want to save money and reduce the inventory you need to store, it’s good to order plastic jars that can give the same attributes but for a price lower than glass. With large orders, the price per unit is much lower even though the costs of shipping are higher. But first, make sure containers are the right container for your product. Sometimes, no matter how cheap the container can be, it may not be the perfect choice for your product. This might end in more expenses when packing.

It is important that the container fits your budget and still protects your product from all types of elements. Most of the time, plastic containers are evaluated by their ability to protect the product from contamination and freezing, while keeping their touch and finish.

Try Before You Buy

It is very crucial to check and try the jar you are planning to purchase before you bulk order. Always request a sample and check thoroughly for all the required options before placing the order. This will save you from a lot of trouble and wasting money. At JarsBottles we’re happy to provide samples of our jars which are alternatives to glass, to all of our customers so that you can try them before you buy. If you are not sure which jars will work best for your product, have a look at the products section. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Look For Customization Options

Customization is a hot trend in the packaging industry. Customizing the packaging for your products will make your brand name established. Before buying wholesale glass jars, make sure that the wholesale jars provider has the right customizing options you require. JarsBottles will let you customize the alternative jar type you choose according to the way you want, varying in size, shape, and other options.

Check For Quality

At the end of the day, quality is what matters most when it comes to a container. It should be durable, impermeable, don’t react with contents, and must be sustainable. Before you bulk order the container jars, thoroughly check and inquire into the quality of the container and raw materials used. Depending on the product that you are manufacturing, the strength and durability of the container may have to be different. Glass is for sure a strong and durable option but if you are looking for alternatives, plastic jars will be a good option to try.

Check For Certifications

When it comes to glass jars or any packaging container products, you want to go with certified jars that have passed all sorts of tests and standards. This is vital because there are many cheap-quality jar manufacturers sprouting in the market, providing not-so-good alternatives for wholesale glass jars. Always make sure to check and verify the certifications before you order. That will keep you on the safe side. After all, you do not want to get your product in an uncertified jar, since it will tarnish the brand image as well. Go for the best quality for an affordable price.

Choose The Right Top

All jars will come with lids included. If your supplier is not providing you with lids, you should find an alternative source. Not just that, but make sure the lid fits your product well. Don’t go for the options available, instead go for the option that you require. The lid must be secure, If your product needs to be kept away from kids, the lid must be child-proof.

Go For Sustainability

Sustainable products are the trend now. Even when it comes to packaging, people are moving towards sustainable options. Things like paper bags and paper packaging are becoming the most sort after. The reason is, sustainability and recycling options make people more interested. Glass itself is a reusable material which is why it is popular. But when you are looking for an alternative to glass jars, order do not forget to check the raw materials and get the most sustainable jars for your products. Even some plastics are made to be sustainable with modern technology.

As the world is opening back up and we’re seeing glass jars and containers become the first choice for luxury packaging from retailers all over the world to increase product lines. One of the reasons is the superior quality of glass that comes from a single source of high-end materials. But it may not always be the best or the most affordable option for a business, and that is why considering a good alternative for glass jars is important, especially if you are a startup.

JarsBottles is providing you with a lot of alternative options for you to consider instead of glass jars.