Plastic Bottles for Alcohol: Do Bottles Make the Difference?

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Heard about using plastic bottles for alcohol? Well, if so, you may have thousands and thousands of questions in your mind. And, this is where you will get the answers for all. Just like you many of the consumers wondering upon the safety of alcohol since the packaging is plastic. And, there are countless myths going on everywhere which makes you discouraged to buy any. So, what exactly is the truth? Are they really capable of harming humans? Let us find out!

What plastic is used to store alcohol?

Did you know there is a variety of plastic types in the world. So, even if you took identical products, there is a chance for those two to manufacture with different materials. Typically, these types include PET, HDPE, PVC, PP and more. Well, out of these types, PET and PETE are widely used for alcohol packaging. In addition, these are not soluble even if being contact with ethanol or isopropanol. However, there’s a catch. To be exact, when the alcohol is stored in a plastic bottle, it ingress more oxygen than glass materials. Well, this is harmless even after human consumption. However, after oxidization, the alcohol or wine will loss its taste and color.

Does alcohol melt plastic?

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Right after seeing the plastic bottles of alcohol, you may be speechless at first and wonder whether it is okay to do so. Recently, there is a controversy going on whether there is a possibility for alcohol to melt plastic. The answer is no. Due to the chemical resistant properties of plastic, the packaging won;t get damaged at all. In addition, in order to melt the plastic, there is a certain temperature which should be exceeded. However, alcohol cannot reach this exact temperature in order to melt the plastic in any sort of way.

Well, this is different case when it comes to low grade plastic. And, if the plastic is extremely this, there is a chance that it would melt. Well, so far no one heard about such a incident. And, we can assume that they are not using such low grade products. So, if you have any intensions to start your own alcohol business using plastic bottles as packaging, make sure to get your hands on finest products.

Does plastic leach into alcohol?

Well, you may be wondering what if plastic particles sip into your alcohol bottles. If the packaging is of high-quality and durable PET bottles, none of it would happen. However, even if the packaging is high in quality, it is not ideal to store them for a longer period. So, do not try to take a sip from an expired alcohol beverage bottle under any reason. When it is stored for a longer, there’s a chance for plastic to leach into the alcohol. Moreover, do not store your alcohol bottles anywhere under high temperature. This could also end up with leaching plastic into your alcohol bottle.

How long can we store alcohol in plastic?

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Well, the answer for this question depending on number fo factors including the type of alcohol, ingredients and storage conditions. And, based on professionals, the alcohol can last from 6 months up to 2 years in plastic bottles. For instance, vodka will continue to taste the same for at least two years when you store it under room temperature or lower. This is because vodka doesn’t have any components like sugar or other things that could go spoil over time. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about the quality of their vodka if they store it in a plastic bottle. On the contrary, beer and whiskey only have a six-month shelf life in plastic containers as they include sugar and some ingredients which cause them to go bad pretty quickly.

Is alcohol in a plastic bottle bad?

Now you are reaching almost the ending of the article. And, surely you are eager to hear a final conclusion whether you should drink or not alcohol that comes with a plastic bottle. The answer is quite simple.Do not be afraid and you can give a go for the alcohol beverage. However, do not ever consume any, after the expiration date. In addition, pay attention to storing conditions and keep them away from higher temperatures. Once you follow these simple steps, there’s no way alcohol in plastic bottle can be bad in any way.

After reading the above information, you may have realize that there’s no fault in storing alcohol in plastic bottles. Well, the things could take a different case, if the plastic bottles are of poor quality. And, if you are business owner wondering about the whereabouts of the best plastic manufacturer, we know just where to get them. Scroll down to find out more on high-quality plastic bottles manufacturers in the industry. – The One Place to Buy High-Quality Platic Bottles

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