Empty roll on bottle and it’s effects on essential oil industry!

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Many of us use essential oils in our daily lives for their value in aromatherapy. And we use many ways to inhale them, like applying them over our skins or steaming. But many seem to have found that applying these oils through a roller bottle is a much better way. Therefore many essential oil makers have turned their eyes to roller bottles to contain their oils. Due to that, empty roll on bottles has become popular in recent days for their part in the essential oil industry. So with the help of this article, let’s find out what effects do an empty roll on bottle has in this industry. But first, let’s go into detail about roll on bottles and find more information about them.

What is a roll on bottle?

It is a bottle that has a small rolling ball on top that allows spreading oils or liquids. By moving the ball or rolling it on the surface, the liquid inside of it gets spread along the way. Due to this fact, you don’t need to get your hands oily when you are applying any oils to your body. And that is why roll on bottles have become so famous for dispensing oils over your body. Therefore, many industries have taken notice of this, like essential oils or cosmetics. And have started to dispense their product through an empty roll on bottle. Due to that, there is a high demand for roll on bottles in the market currently. Now that we know what is a roll on bottle. Next, let us find out about different types of roll on bottles.

Types of roll on bottles

When it come to the type, an empty roll on bottle have mainly three types. They don’t have any difference structurally but in color. So, let us find out about these bottles and how they vary from each other.

  • Dark ambered roll on bottles

These bottles come in a dark and ambered color to reflect sunlight. Because exposure to sunlight or UV rays can lower the quality of fluids inside the bottle. Due to this, they cover the bottle with dark or amber colors to reflect them. Because those two colors are known for their light resistance quality. And that is why these types of bottles are famous for holding essential oils that can lose their quality from exposure to light.

  • Solid colored roll on bottles

As the name suggests, these bottles with solid colors also have the properties of light resistance. But design-wise, you can label them however you want and sell your essential oils or other medical fluids. So, these bottles can be really helpful for businesses to sell their products. Because they come with premade colors that can be suitable for their themes will lessen the burden of having to purchase customized bottles for their products.

  • Clear white roll on bottles

These bottles do not have the light resistance quality but are used to store exotic and beautiful liquids. Because it is a transparent bottle, you can display them beautifully in an attractive way. But you have to be careful in storing them somewhere that doesn’t get exposed to sunlight. So you can store your essential oils that have pretty colors in these bottles to give them more spirit!

There might be other types of roll on bottles available in the market. But these three are the most commonly used bottles available to you. So, pick a bottle that suits you and your business and start rolling in profits by containing your products in an empty roll on bottle.

Why you should use roll on bottles for storing essential oils?

There are many benefits of roll on bottles that are exclusively valuable to the essential oil industry. So let us discuss them one by one and get a better understanding. Therefore you can use them in your business to make the most profit out of them while giving your customer the most efficient way to apply your products.

  •  Comfortability

It is very comfortable to use essential oils with a roll on bottle. Because you can easily dispense them while rolling around the parts of the skin where you need them. And your hands won’t get oily while making you uncomfortable. So you can enjoy them from anywhere you travel.

  •  Portability

You can take your roll on bottle with essential oil inside anywhere you go and enjoy nice aromatherapy to relax your day. Because you can carry them in your pocket or backpack that is always within your reach. It will always be accessible to you when you need it. Therefore, it is much better than carrying sachet packets that will spill everywhere or big bottles of essential oils.

  • Easy to use on anyone

You can easily apply your essential oil to anyone, whether they are adults or children, to make them relax. Because if there are customers who have small children or peers who are unable to apply these oils to themselves. Then these roll-on bottles are the perfect choice to use on them without making a mess and making them uncomfortable.

  • No wastage

With a roll on bottle, you can apply your oils without causing any overuse or spills. Leading the customer to use essential oil without any wastage and making their oil last a longer duration of time while making them cost-effective. Because they don’t need to buy a new one immediately due to overuse.

  •  Safer to store

If you store them in a plastic roll on bottle, you are able to store and carry them safely. Because they are durable and flexible, you don’t have to worry about breaking due to a fall or high pressure. So you can store your essential oils anywhere without any worries.

Now that we know about all the benefits these bottles have. Let us find out about the best supplier of empty roll on bottles. By doing so, you will be able to purchase the highest quality empty bottles for your products Because it is important to dispense your essential oil or other medical fluids in a comfortable and easy way.

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