Recyclable Pill Bottles: There’s More To It Than You Think

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When it comes to recycling what comes first into your mind? Well, most people will be reminded of plastic water bottles or soda cans, or plastic packaging. What about the pill bottles that you keep in the medical cabinet? It turns out these pill bottles are recyclable as well.

When we have certain medical conditions, we will consult a doctor and get some medicine. After using them, you will probably have to discard them into a trash can. Have you ever thought about where these medicine containers will end up? Usually, these pill containers made from plastic will end up in landfills. Well, not all, as there are recyclable pill bottles in the market.

Types of recyclable pill bottles materials

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Various kinds of plastic are essential in manufacturing plastic pill bottles. Well, surprisingly not all plastic can be recyclable and so are all pill bottles. The most often used plastics are HDPE, PP, LDPE, and PETE. Plus, all of these materials are recyclable materials. And not only in the medical industry, but you will also meet many of these plastic materials in many of your day-to-day needs.

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – Milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, and plastic bags
  • Polypropylene (PP) – Yogurt containers and straws
  • LDPE – Squeezable bottles, bread bags, and produce bags
  • PET – Salad dressing bottles, jars, and water bottles

Benefits of using recyclable pill bottles

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1. Reducing plastic waste

This is one of the most obvious benefits of using recyclable pill bottles. Plastic waste has become a huge nuisance to the whole world. Well, you can use these recyclable pill bottles to make an impact on nature itself. And the impact of plastic can be fatal to both humans and animals as well. So, let us help to tackle these plastic issues and help the world to heal and become a healthier place for everyone.

2. Saves energy and resources

Utilizing recyclable pill bottles also saves energy and materials, which is another perk. Did you know that recycling plastic can save as much as 2,000 gallons of gasoline? Well, now you know. So, not only does recycling help reduce pollution, but it also conserves energy. At the same time, recycling pill bottles, require less energy and water than making new products from the get-go.

3. Brand recognition

If you have your own brand of plastic containers, why do not you switch over to recyclable plastic bottles? Most consumers will keep an eye on the brands that use sustainable approaches for their products. If you do the same, they will appreciate your effort to help nature and are more willing to purchase from your brand. Take this opportunity to go green and increase your consumer base around the world.

4. Reusable

There are various materials used to manufacture pill bottles. These materials are quite easier to recycle which makes them reusable. In short, since these pill bottles are used for a couple of times, these bottles aid to reduce the waste that is produced as well. Plus, you can repurpose them again to create a unique piece of art instead of discarding the bottle. Don’t throw away your recyclable pill bottles anymore!

5. Saves Money

Foremost of all, it cost a lot when comes to disposing of plastic products that cannot be decomposed. However, switching to recyclable pill bottles means you have to pay less money for disposal the next time. Moreover, it will help to reduce the packaging expenses when manufacturing. For instance, using recycled materials to create new packaging is often cheaper than using new materials. So, choose recyclable products and save your money!

Challenges of recycling

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Well, it may seem that almost all types of plastic materials in pill bottles are recyclable. Well, there is a catch. Unlike HDPE and PET, other materials are very much hard to recycle. Typically, recycling facilities are unable to recycle these plastics because they are either too challenging to clean or incompatible with the machinery. You can probably guess what happens to them at the end.

Every day, the average person uses 1.6 pounds of plastic. Just like your pill bottles, all the containers will typically be discarded after use. Sadly, fewer than 10% of the plastic that is generated each year is recycled. The remainder is dumped in landfills, where it may take thousands or even hundreds of years for it to degrade.


In conclusion, there are several benefits of recycling pill bottles. Plus not only reducing waste, but these bottles also can save both money and resources at the same time. In addition, recycling pill bottles can also aid in the development of new goods and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With all of these advantages on the board, there is no reason to stay away from pill bottles. So, if you’re looking for a solution to reduce your impact on the environment, think about using recyclable pill bottles.

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