Replace Your Regular Capsule Bottle To Recyclable Plastic

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The plastic industry is one of the top industries to have had major blows in the past decade with the green concern. However, the amount of needs plastic has fulfilled in the past decade is also enormous. So we need to be concerned about the amount of quality plastic that keeps up to the green quality. And incorporate them in businesses.

The medical industry alone consumes a lot of plastic. Of all the waste generated by a single hospital, an estimated 25% of it is in fact plastic. This may spark a thought in you about the advantage of getting into a plastic product business. However, our concern here is not just that. We also aim to stir up the conversation to bring you into thinking to consider the green quality of plastic consumption. That is not only if you want to consider a plastic business. But also when you purchase plastic products.

Prescriptions drugs. Close up of label with instructions. Other bottles in background, some spilling out their pills. Labels were created by the photographer.

The solution

Concerning the medical industry, pill bottles or you may also call yours a capsule bottle, are a huge part of it. We, at Aohuan, produce these capsule bottles for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. However, ours is inclined towards the recyclable quality of the plastic materials that we accumulate in the production.

For each of our capsule bottles, we use raw materials such as HDPE, PET, and PP. These capsule bottles are specifically designed to fill capsules, pills, powder, and other content. And if you ask if these raw materials that we use to produce our capsule bottles are environmentally friendly, yes they are. Because these materials we use are recyclable.

We strongly suggest that you use a recyclable capsule bottle in place of a regular capsule bottle of regular make. Of course, our products keep up to the required standards while being recyclable. We guarantee that our capsule bottle protects its content, meets all the regulatory requirements and on top of that they are recyclable. Since the planet is heavily affected by non-compostable or non-recyclable content piling up each day in colossal quantities, we definitely have to make a major shift. This is in terms of business as well as end-user consumption.

Let’s see why a green capsule bottle is worth your discourse.

First off, let’s answer a question to which you may already know the answer. Is plastic recyclable? Yes, but obviously, not all of them. There are types that are recyclable and the rest is not. Second, are pill bottles recyclable? Same answer. Yes, but not all of them.

There are different types of plastic. Perhaps you are not aware of these different types. But if you are well versed in this recyclable plastic industry, you may know the type 1- 7 plastic types. Let’s see what these plastic types are and where our raw materials fall on this list. Take a look at the following table.

So, obviously, your capsule bottle from Aohuan is recyclable. We produce our capsule bottles in 1, 2, and 5 plastic types which are recyclable.

However, getting a recyclable material for your capsule bottle make is not enough. You need to have the proper know-how of how to dispose of your capsule bottle for easy and correct recycling procedures in recycling facilities. This may have different set routines at your country or municipal to be specific.

But refer to these general tips.

  • When the usage span of your capsule bottle is over, you can remove the paper label around the pill bottle. Just peel it off if it is tightly glued to the capsule bottle. This way you can avoid any excessive paper going into the recycling process. And make it easy for the recycling plant to pass your capsule bottle in a smooth and clean recycling process.
  • Some municipals prefer recycling the cap separately. This may account due to different available facilities at different municipals. In that case, you have to abide by the regulations.
  • Read your municipality’s website. This is highly recommended. Your municipality’s recycling plant may have other necessary requirements that need to be fulfilled by you. In that case, you have to abide by your country’s or municipality’s laws.

Those are the most general tips you need to know about recycling your capsule bottle. It is very important for consumers to rely on recyclable products during these days where environmental pollution is a major concern. However, you may have the question now, as to how to figure out if this is the variety of plastic that is recyclable. A plastic product is often (may not always be the case) stamped with a resin code.

What is a resin code?

A resin code AKA RIC is a symbol stamped on plastic products often notifying the type of plastic raw material this plastic product is made of. It is not really the resin code that matters the most. But it is the number inside the symbol denoting the plastic-type that matters the most.

It may read a number of anything between 1 through 7. If you refer to the above table which is not very difficult to remember you may know which number/ type of plastic is recyclable, not recyclable, or waver between the two options. This way you can consider buying more environmentally healthy plastic types for your consumer products.

In conclusion

As consumers, you can be a responsible citizen in that manner. There’s a note for those who purchase these plastics in bulk quantities as well. If you concentrate on purchasing more recyclable plastic that is your part as a green concerned citizen/ company. Aohuan as a responsible company produces these recyclable capsule bottles for bulk purchasing. Like I said the plastic consumption in the medical and pharmaceutical industries is enormous. Therefore, it is much necessary to produce more recyclable material for this industry.

In the past few years from 2019 with the corona pandemic, the need for medical and pharmaceutical products skyrocketed. As we need to manufacture more products for them now the damage could get worse in another couple of years if recyclable material for plastic products manufacturing wasn’t available. Since the need has risen and we have the advantage, why not replace your regular capsule bottle with recyclable plastic?