Top 5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Spray Bottles in Bulk

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Today, spray bottles have already taken control of the cosmetic market with a huge storm. The bottles itself has a number of uses which makes them ideal for the cosmetic industry. Starting from body sprays, makeup, and hair care products and all come with spray bottles. Additionally, buying spray bottles in bulk is now simpler than ever thanks to the internet. The technology has makes it, even more, easier as now you can purchase them from overseas. There are numerous internet sellers out there that can satisfy your every demand, whether you’re searching for a few dozen bottles for your home company or hundreds of bottles for your salon.

It seemed to be of daunting when purchasing something in bulk. But do not let that stop you from making the most of your money. It won’t be something difficult if you get all the information you need. Well, unless you are a pro in the industry, it can be pretty intimidating to find the correct ones from a glance. Rest assured, as we are gonna help you out when you are purchasing spray bottles in bulk. We will aid you to narrow down the options and make your choice easier. Whether you are looking to purchase supplies for your house or your workplace or your business, make sure to consider these as not every bulk item is made in the same quality!

Do not miss out on these!

If you step into any household, without a doubt you can definitely see a few spray bottles. Whether you want to mist your plants or clean your house until it is spotless, these spray bottles will come in handy. Well, this is not all, there are more as you go. Especially spray bottles are ideal to store sanitary products as well. Not to mention, these are pretty much easier to use which makes them more convenient. All you have to do is fill the bottles as you want and start spraying. To make your choice even more worthwhile, do not forget to buy the spray bottles in bulk.

What to consider before purchasing spray bottles in bulk

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What orifices to choose

Prior to purchasing the spray bottles in bulk, you have to choose different orifices as you want. Changing these orifices will help you to decide what direction you need your spray angels in. Based on the product and the purpose, spray bottles require different spraying angles. So, if you do not know which one to go for, consult with the manufacturer before placing the order. Moreover, if you are placing a bulk order, you will have a wide range of orifices to choose from.

Nozzle types

It’s crucial to think about the type of nozzle that will best serve your needs when buying spray bottles in bulk. Trigger, pump, and aerosol nozzles are the three most common types. The most popular kind of nozzles is trigger nozzles, which are often used with domestic cleaning solutions. But you do not have to go for the trigger nozzles as there are more to choose from. In addition, the best nozzle to use depends on your demands because each type of nozzle has benefits and drawbacks of its own. Do not forget that the nozzle you chose will determine the performance of the spray bottle.

Which material to go for

There are a few factors you should think about before choosing and the materials matters foremost of all. The reason is that each material has it is own unique features which makes them ideal based on what you intend to use it for. For instance, if you’re searching for a spray bottle to hold cleaning supplies, you’ll want to ensure it’s built of strong materials as naturally, you will use it more frequently. On the other hand, if you are looking for spray bottles for perfumes, you have to make sure the bottles are airtight and manufactured with light-resistant materials. 

Screw on vs snap on

When you are placing the bulk order, you cannot forget how the spray bottles lid should be. Screw-on and snap-on spray bottle closures are two of the most common varieties. So, you have to choose between these two.

Screw-on- Snap-on closures don’t offer as strong of a seal as screw-on closures do. This lid is ideal if you intend to store liquids in your spray bottle that can leak or spill.

Snap-on- These lids are simpler to open and close which makes it a more convenient choice unlike the other. So, this is ideal for products that are frequently in use including perfumes and hair spray.


Keeping all these factors is a must prior to purchasing spray bottles. And yet you cannot forget about your budget at all. However, there are ways to stay within the budget and purchase all you need. For instance, if you require spray bottles continuously, you can go for bulk purchasing. Rather than purchasing individually, you can save money as bulk purchasing often include discounts. In addition, if you dig into some more, you will find countless good deals on the internet.

Parting thoughts!

All the above-mentioned factors will come in handy if you are in the market looking for top-notch spray bottles as per your needs. In addition, make sure to pay attention to the design, label, and packaging prior to placing the order. Well, all of these will be in vain unless you discover the best vendor in the industry. Make sure to do some research and order some samples before you start collaborating.