Why You Should Be Using Plastic Bottles for Beverages

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Fond of glass bottles over plastic bottles? Over the years you may have used glass bottles without knowing how worthy plastic bottles are to your beverages business. Especially if you are a wholesale supplier or a reseller, finding more on plastic bottles will change your mind about beverage packaging. From the looks of it, you may not aware of the benefits of plastic bottles yet. Especially, there are far more economical advantages, so you can count plastic bottles without hesitating.

In general most of the brands use plastic bottles for soft drinks and other beverages instead of glass bottles. Well, although plastic got a bad reputation, these brands already know their real value of them when it comes to beverages. In addition, if you are keen on the industry, you may have already seen how plastic invade alcoholic beverage packaging including wineries. In fact, youngsters and wine geeks are overjoyed with this new addition of plastic packaging. Thus, if you are worried about consumers, you do not have to. They will gladly accept your turn towards the plastic bottles. First of all, let us find out what is in it for you.

Benefits of using plastic bottles for beverages

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One of the key benefits of using plastic bottles for beverages is that they are pretty much easier to carry around as they are lightweight. The more bottles are less in weigh, the easier to handle and store wherever you want. In terms of the consumer viewpoint, unlike plastic, glass bottles heavier which restrict the mobility of the consumers. For instance, there is no way that anyone would take glass bottles for a day out or picnic. It is too much of a hassle, as you will have to take extra precautions to avoid any instances with broken glass bottles.

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One of the typical misconceptions about plastic is its sustainable value. They are often considered as opposed to sustainable and eco-friendly. However, this is not the entire truth. In fact, when it comes to food and beverages, PET bottles are often used and they are recyclable. Glass bottles are recyclable too. However, plastic has less impact on carbon footprint when in comparison with glass bottles. So, if you believe that glass bottles are to be innocent and plastic is the villain, now you know the truth. Thus, if you are more into sustainable products, do not hesitate to invest in these plastic bottles for beverages.


Wanna create a new identity for your beverage brand? It is more than possible with plastic bottles. Plastic is quite easier to manipulate into any shape and size you prefer. All you have to do is name the way you want. You can create a whole new look for your brand, instead of sticking with the same-old glass bottles. Remember that bottle packaging has everything to do with whether your consumer picks them or not. So, in order to let them feel a good first impression, your beverages should stand out from the rest of the bottles on the shelves. Hurry up and get the plastic bottles, so you can get any look you want for your brand.

Saves money
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Out of all the benefits, surely you would like this one the best. Foremost of all, when it comes to deciding the packaging for beverages, economical values should be considered first. As you may know, glass is fragile. Thus, you will have to go to extra lengths to safeguard glass beverages in terms of transporting and storing them, unlike plastic bottles. Surely, it will cost a fortune, when you are moving them over long distances. However, unlike glass bottles, plastic is much cheaper and since they are durable, you can transport them at less cost.

Higher safety

This is where plastic wins the game for beverages. Nothing would happen even if you drop plastic bottles with any beverages. At most, it will spill everything. However, it is a different story when it comes to glass bottles. If glass bottles are broken, there is no way you would escape unscathed without piercing yourself with pieces of glass. At the same, in order to avoid such instances, you will have to make the necessary adjustments for glass bottles. On the contrary, plastic is durable and impact-free, which makes it a more worthy choice for you to up your game. There is no need to go through the hard way when you can have a better option with higher safety.

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Another misconception about plastic is their health concerns. Oftentimes, plastic is believed to be leaching into beverages and food causing adverse health concerns and disorders. However, contrary to these concerns PETbottles are considered safe for food and beverages and these are even FDA-approved around the world. So, if you hesitated to use plastic bottles for beverages because of health concerns, no need to do so, as plastic is not toxic at all. After all, plastic has been there for over a decade, and there is no clear evidence of its toxicity of plastic. On the contrary PET plastic has a higher chemical resistance which makes it ideal for food and beverage packaging.

Parting Thoughts!

After you have read the above factors, you may have realized that plastic bottles are one of the ideal ways of beverages packaging. In that sense, if you have a beverage business on your own, it is about time that you change the packaging method to experience whole new benefits for your beverage business. However, make sure to get the best plastic bottles from a renowned manufacturer, as not all plastic bottles are manufactured in the same way.