4 Questions you should ask before you select plastic bottles suppliers!

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If you are someone who owns a business related to beverages or mineral water, then you know the importance of finding good plastic bottles suppliers. Because they are vital to your business as same as the beverage you provide. And that is why many business owners make sure to put a lot of thought into this when selecting one for their business. Since it plays a huge role when it comes to deciding whether your business will become successful or not. So for the people who are new to this type of business, selecting a supplier can be a little difficult. Therefore to help those in need we thought of writing an article explaining what to do in this situation. And this article will become your guideline and help you find the best supplier that your business deserves.

In this article, you will find 5 questions you should ask every plastic bottle supplier you meet in the market. And the answers they give will determine how good they are and we will tell you what you should expect from the best. So you will be able to filter all the bad suppliers from the rest. And this will help you to choose the best supplier that suits you and your business the most. Because as a beverage provider, one of the most important factors that contribute to your success is having a good supplier for your container. Since the first impression of your product totally relies on the container it comes in without a doubt. Therefore it needs to be of perfect quality that can always attract new customers.

And this quality you should seek is only available among the best suppliers in the industry. So to find one, asking the right questions is always a must!

Five must-ask questions from your supplier

1. What is your MOQ?

First and foremost, the thing you should ask is what is their minimum order quantity when you are selecting a bottle supplier. Since it will help you understand how the minimum amount of plastic bottles you can buy from them at once. And also, it will help you to learn about the production capacity of the supplier since having a higher MOQ means they have a high production capacity. It is always good to buy from plastic bottles suppliers who have high MOQs as they deal with a lot of businesses. So most of the time they are trustworthy and reliable making them the best partner for your beverage business.

2. What is your Lead time?

The amount of time between placing the order and receiving the goods is also important to you as a business. And that is why asking their lead time is a must when it comes to selecting a plastic bottle supplier. Because it will tell you the exact time when you receive your product after placing your order with the supplier you choose. And the shorter the lead time the quicker you will receive your plastic bottles. So make sure to select a supplier that will not delay your business operation due to their longer lead time. And always keep in mind that you the supplier should take responsibility if they do not meet the lead time that they advertise.

3. Do you provide customization?

The ability to make custom plastic bottles can always come in handy as a beverage provider. Because you can increase your brand value a lot by having an impressive container for your beverages. And that is why you can see a huge demand for custom plastic bottles suppliers. Since they can provide what the customer wants instead of what they make. So if you are planning to buy custom plastic bottles with your custom designs and logo, then find a supplier that offers OEM and ODM services. Because these two services provided by the supplier can help you build a bottle from scratch however you want. And nearly all the suppliers who offer this service are high-end with all the good technologies and resources.

4. Do you deliver worldwide?

Sometimes the supplier you buy plastic bottles from might not be local but instead, they might be from overseas. So you need to make sure they deliver to your doorsteps from anywhere in the world before you buy their products. And also, make sure they use reliable delivery services instead of shady ones. Therefore you will be able to receive your products without a lot of hassle or issuer. And most plastic bottles suppliers who deliver worldwide have a global presence and it is always a plus to have.

5. What type of raw materials do you use?

It is always good to know the type of raw materials inside the plastic bottles you buy from a supplier. Because it will tell you all the information regarding the quality of the bottle you buy. Because there are many companies that use cheap raw materials that are not up to standard. And buy from these types of suppliers can bring a lot of harm to your business. Therefore make sure you do your research and find plastic bottles supplier who use the best raw materials to make their products.

Asking these 5 basic questions from suppliers you chose will make it easier to filter out all the bad ones. So you can find your plastic bottle supplier from the rest who are passing the test of quality. But if you are on a tight schedule, then it might be a little difficult to go through all the decent suppliers you find in this way. So to make your life easier we will lead you to one of the best plastic bottles suppliers! And you do not have to travel a long way since you are already here!

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