A Brief Guide to Types of Medicine Bottles

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Looking for the right types of medicine bottles for you? There are many different types of medicine bottles available in the industry. However, choosing the right one will make a big difference for not only your medication but also how safe it is to store your medication there.

You may have seen various types of medicine bottles when you went to the store. You do not have to necessarily know all these down to very small details. Well, knowing these will add more to your knowledge and you will be aware of the specific purpose of each bottle to get the best out of each bottle. Now let us find out all the inside-out details of these bottle materials to find the best to keep your medication safe.

Is it a must for all?

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Well, knowing these are not only for home-based users. For instance, if you are a caregiver or a parent, it is a must to be aware of the medicine bottles, as there are several more materials available in the industry.

Typically, when most people purchase medicine bottles, they do not think twice and consider what goes inside the medicine bottles they are made of. If you dig into it a little more, there are a few other materials available and plastic bottles are the most common material among them. And each of these medicine bottle materials has several different strengths which are unique for them. For instance, some materials can keep the medication fresher for a quite long time, while some aid in preventing leaks or breaks.

Types of medicine bottles based on materials

Plastic material

This is one of the types of medicine bottles, that is well-known in the healthcare industry. It is quite easier and cheap to manufacture these medicine bottles. So, this makes plastic the most affordable choice on the board. Moreover, the bottles are lightweight, which makes it easier to transport or carry them wherever you want. Furthermore, these bottles are durable so, it is less likely for any breakage or spilling of your precious medicine.

One of the disadvantages of the product is, that they are not durable as glass bottles. In addition, these bottles are not eco-friendly since 90% of plastic is not recyclable.

Glass material

Glass is another material for medicine bottles which is quite common among all the other types. Let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks that come with this material. One advantage of glass is that it is sterile, thus when stored in a clean glass bottle, there is zero chance of infection. Another benefit of glass is that it is transparent, making it simple for patients to determine how much medication is still in the bottle.

However, there are some significant drawbacks are there. Because glass is brittle, there is a chance that the bottles will break and the medication would leak out. In general, glass bottles are a more expensive choice when in comparison to plastic medicine bottles.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum material is there for many years and is used to store beverage cans and other food containers. However, recently these bottles have recently gained popularity when comes pharmaceutical industry. Using aluminum bottles for medication has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the key advantages is that the aluminum bottle is lighter than glass bottles, which makes it easier to carry around. If dropped, they are also less prone to break. Moreover, some brands offer recyclable aluminum bottles which is an additional advantage.

Using aluminum pharmaceutical bottles has a few drawbacks as well. Foremost of all these bottles can be more difficult to open than glass bottles. Another drawback is that these types of medicine bottles do not provide much insulation.

Paper-based materials

Paper-based medicine bottles are another newest form of storing medicines which lately arouse more public attention around the world. Paper, itself is a renewable resource, using paper-based medicine bottles helps us use less petroleum-based plastic. In addition, it is more sort of an eco-friendly approach, and also has a lower carbon footprint.

However, just like all the other methods, paper-based pharmaceutical bottles have significant drawbacks as well. You have to replace these bottles more frequently since they are not as strong as other materials. Moreover, it is a must to make sure that these types of medicine bottles are placed in a dry environment. The reason is that the paper absorbs moisture more readily than plastic.

How to choose the best material?

Choosing different types of medicine

As there are few types of medicine bottles available in the industry, there are a few considerations you should make while deciding on the best materials for your pharmaceutical bottles. Foremost of all, you should consider the type of medication that will be kept in the bottle. In addition, you must ensure that the material you select won’t expose the drug to excessive light or heat because some medications are more sensitive to these factors than others. Moreover, if you intend to use the medicine quite frequently, you should go for a material that is easier to clean.


Pharmaceutical bottles are often made from four different materials: plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper. Each kind of medication has benefits and drawbacks that should be considered while choosing a bottle.

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