Where to buy PET bottles wholesale for water distributors

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People use many types of bottles for various purposes in their lives daily. And among them, PET bottles have a special place. Since everyone uses them to get their much-needed water intake throughout the day. Therefore it has become vital for water suppliers around the world. Because PET bottles are a primary container for water as we all know and use. And that is why these water suppliers take their time to choose the best bottle possible for their water. Also, they won’t stop at anything to buy the best PET bottles wholesale for their business.

So if you are also someone who owns a business that provides and supplies water through bottles, then this article will be really useful. Since you can find all the information related to finding a good bottle supplier. And it will allow you to find the best packaging for your products. But before going through the stuff you need to look out before you buy these bottles. Let’s find out why they are so high in demand in many beverage industries today in the market.

Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET in short is the material that is used as the main material to make these water bottles. The reason for its popularity is that they are recyclable and reusable. So many water suppliers flocks towards this type of bottle to have them as the main container for their products. And that is why you can see them buy PET bottles wholesale in unbelievable amounts from the market. Because they gain a lot of benefits as a business from having these bottles than the other options. So following are some of the benefits that you receive from buying these bottles for your business.

5 Benefits of PET Bottles

  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to customize

The above benefits are only some of the benefits you will get as you buy PET bottles wholesale. Because there are a lot more than you count. And that is why you can see many beverage fields entering into this market to buy PET bottles. For example, now you can see even beer suppliers started to buy PET bottles to distribute their products. Therefore, if you are looking to start a business as a water supplier or you are unhappy about the bottles you currently have as a supplier, then it’s time to start looking for a good supplier that will provide all the benefits above.

But you need to know some factors to get the best PET bottles possible. And these factors will help you to separate good PET bottles suppliers from the rest. So let’s find out some of the key factors you need to know before you buy these bottles for your business.

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4 Factors you should consider before you buy PET Bottles

  • Material

The quality of the material in the bottles you buy is a major factor you should consider. Because some bottle makers do not use good raw materials to make PET bottles. As a result, they are in the mix with other materials to lower their quality to make them even cheaper. Hence, you need to check out their quality and ask for advice from an experienced buyer in the industry. But if you were to buy them from a leader in bottle making industry, then you won’t have any issue.

  • Price

Normally, PET bottles are a lot cheaper than their counterparts like glass or metals. Therefore they are affordable in large amounts and that makes them the most ideal packaging for water and other beverages. But you have to make sure that you should not go for cheaper options than normal as well. Since you might see a decline in quality that is not suitable for a good brand of water bottles. So make sure to buy affordable PET bottles wholesale with good quality as well.

  • OEM / ODM

If you are planning to make custom PET bottles, then you need these two services from your bottle maker. Because having original equipment manufacturing or OEM and original design manufacturing or ODM is a must-have to build bottles from scratch. Therefore check out your supplier and see if they have these services to fulfill your needs and requirements. But if you are going to buy PET bottles wholesale from a leading PET bottle manufacturer, then you would not have this issue. Because all of them provide these services to their customers who are looking to buy custom PET bottles.

  • Lead time

As a water distributor, a short lead time from your bottle maker is one of the most important key factors you need to consider. Because, if their lead time is long, then you might have to wait a certain time to receive your bottles. And this will make it hard to meet your deliveries on time as a water supplier. Ultimately your lead time as a business will also prolong and you should avoid it without a doubt. So make sure you buy PET bottles wholesale from a bottles maker that has a short lead time.

When you read the above list of benefits and factors you need to consider, now you might have understood how important it is to have a good PET bottles supplier. Because everything depends on the quality of the PET bottles you buy for your product. And that is why you should make sure to find the right PET bottle manufacturer that will allow you to enjoy every benefit here. However, you are already at one of the best places to buy PET bottles for your business.

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